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why Siser HTV may not be sticking to the fabric:

  1. The fabric may not have been properly cleaned and prepped before application. Any oils, dirt, or debris on the fabric can prevent the HTV from adhering properly.

  2. The heat press or iron may not be hot enough or may not be applied for long enough. Siser HTV requires a certain temperature and pressure to activate the adhesive.

  3. The HTV may not have been cut in the correct direction or the backing may not have been removed. Make sure that the vinyl is cut with the glossy side facing down and the backing is removed before application.

  4. The fabric may not be suitable for heat transfer. Some fabrics, like nylon or polypropylene, may not work well with HTV.

  5. The HTV may be expired or past its shelf life. HTV has a shelf life and if it is expired or too old, it may not adhere properly.

To fix this issue, you should ensure that your fabric is clean and prepped properly before application, adjust your heat press or iron temperature, check the direction of cutting and the removal of the backing and make sure that your fabric is suitable for heat transfer, and check the expiration date of your HTV. If you have done all of these steps and the problem persists, it may be best to try a new sheet of HTV.

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