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How to Gang sheet in Canva,and send to us your gang file.

 Click here to  https://www.canva.com/


1: Click " Custom size"





2: Fill into your size, choose "inch",  Width:only 22"  Height  from 24" to 132", choose you need.


2: Upload files


4: Move your images to Sheet



5: Choose Gray background (or other colors to make sure designs are visible when ganging. If white design on white background will be difficult to see)



6: Edit each image size you need




7: Check each quality of your image.




8: Finish your job.



9: Send the gang sheet file to us (any 1 of the 3 ways)

1. Copy and send us the project link 


2. If you have Canva pro account, can also save in this png format and send us the png file to info@dingword.com
or our ticket system! https://printi.ca/file/



Or 3. Share to our Canva account

Fill : dingcard@gmail.com




 Click here to  https://www.canva.com/

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