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Art Guidelines For DTF Transfers

1:Best File Types

The best file types to provide are .PDF, PNG and .TIF.    While we also accept .AI, EPS, .SVG, .JPG and .PSD files if you can sent the first three listed it will be the best experience.

2:Line art and text , A resolution of 300 dpi (dots per inch) is suggested for text and line graphics. 

150-200 dpi is suitable for photographs and images

3: Super Tiny Details Do Not Recommend.



4:Edge Quality

Edge Quality Check your artwork edge quality and make sure they are sharp enough and does NOT contain “dirty” colors resulted from badly removed background process. How to check the quality of the edges simply zoom in at 100% and if it looks like the image on the top the output will be like the image on the bottom.(How to fix the issue) You will need a higher resolution image or get the design vectorized by a designer.


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